The most beautiful video game trailer you’ll see.

This trailer for Dead Island up's the bar for video game trailers. It's simply poetic how this video flows and its an editing technique that isn't widely used - as in starting a video at the end and reversing it so the beginning is the end. Catch that? Whose on first? Video game trailers over the last few years have become just as important to their release as movie trailers are.  Would Halo 2 or 3 be a huge success without epic trailers? Or better question, would Mario 3 be the best game ever had it the viral capabilities we have today? Video games are truly cross platform now in terms of their presentation, this trailer is an example of that. As it flows like a movie I couldn't help but think that the same struggles a movie trailer editor went through, these folks went through the same hurdles. Especially with the concept of this video, I'd imagine the same care involved in a regular trailer was taken here. I'll let it speak for itself, it's really a stunning trailer