NBC News Uses Buffalo Weather Footage

It being the holidays and all I had a moment to actually watch the news last night. Normally I'm in bed for the national news at six thirty because I work the overnight shift. So it goes. I was pleasently surprised that NBC News Channel - the VOD hub for all NBC affiliates used some of my footage of Buffalo weather for a package Christmas Eve  

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FC Buffalo vs. Binghamton FC – Photo post

Similar to the post office, FC Buffalo will play whether it's rain or shine or even in the snow. The weekend weather here in Buffalo ruined a lot of events. Taste of Country on Friday was in disarray with rain and high winds causing headliner Eric Church to bail out at the last minute. The annual Gus Maker tournament was held downtown but the final day was postponed due to impending rains. The Greek festival was held all weekend too, I'd have to imagine at some point it was rained out, but those Greeks know how to have a good time so I'll assume they partied regardless of what the skies were doing. Continue reading "FC Buffalo vs. Binghamton FC – Photo post"

Webs of Iroquois – A morning shoot at Iroquois Wildlife Refuge

For me, Iroquois Wildlife Refuge is like a church. It's the place I go to find solace, become one with my thoughts, and try to hone specific photography skills. Iroquoise is a place where I can just escape from everything and be completely okay with it. Most of Iroquois is a deadzone or Edge, so my iPhone is pretty useless and I couldn't have it any other way. Continue reading "Webs of Iroquois – A morning shoot at Iroquois Wildlife Refuge"