Hello. Hi.

If you’re here, you’re here for a reason. Let’s get into it, shall we?

This is the website for Nate Benson.

I, Nate, your intrepid news cruise director, will be guiding you here with a variety of articles I post on the regular as I cover the news in western New York.

Do you capitalize the Western in western New York? I’ve never gotten a ruling on that.

Regardless, I’ll also post some background thoughts to some stories I’ve produced, original posts in an early oughts blog-style, and share some personal projects I’m working on.

  • My pandemic broadcasting setup
    Reading Time: 5 minutes The pandemic presented a lot of obstacles, but I saw it as an opportunity to refine my workflow and become as efficient as possible as a broadcast journalist. Here are a few things I did…

Since returning to WGRZ in 2019, I’ve focused a lot of reporting on broadband issues in WNY. Here is the story that kicked it all off.

^^^ That story was recognized with an Associated Press award in 2020.^^^

Authory profile of Nathan Benson Journalist in Buffalo, NY.