FC Buffalo vs. Cleveland Recap

 I carpooled with some of the awesome members of The Situation Room to Cleveland last friday to watch our FC Buffalo Blitzers take on AFC Cleveland. TSR and I were looking forward to seeing FC Buffalo notch up their first regulation win of the 2012 season - having tied with Detroit City FC the week prior. Despite a hard fought 90 minutes FC Buffalo ultimately fell to AFC Cleveland 4-2. Even though FC Buffalo was down five starters, the fortitude of the defense and goaltending of FC Buffalo withstood an onslaught of offense from AFC Cleveland for forty one minutes before Cleveland scored on a questionable penalty kick. FC Buffalo would answer with a penalty kick of their own at the fifty two minute mark where our very own Mike Reidy scored, not only the penalty kick, but the first goal of the FC Buffalo season. Cleveland would score two more times, at the sixty and sixty three minute mark, before FC Buffalo's Gary Boughton could put one in the back of the net. With their hopes high, FC Buffalo tried to rally in a really intense 4 minutes of overage but Cleveland would put a final goal in to end the match at 4-2. Even though we didn't walk away with the win I have to say that this was probably one of the most fun games I've attended in the three years I've been covering FC Buffalo. The Lord Bedlington Cup was, of course, very memorable. But as a fan of the team, and the staff photographer, this match was the most fun mainly because I got to spend a lot of time with The Situation Room. The TSR gang are really something special. In, typical, Buffalo fashion this group of soccer fans have really gone above and beyond the call of duty as an official fan club. I know all of us would love to see four thousand soccer fans at All-High on the weekends, but this group of loyal fans really makes it sound like there's a stadium filled with rabid fans. I carpooled with three of the guys from the Situation Room, which I thank them very much for, and I have to be honest there was a lot of tom foolery in the car ride home. All of us had worked our full time jobs that day and then left for the game in Cleveland. In my case I worked my normal 3am shift at the tv station I work at, power napped at home for 30 minutes and hit the road. After a long match in the Cleveland sunset and a few rounds of medication at a fantastic burger joint in Clevelands equivalent to Elmwood Village we hit the road back home to Buffalo. The car ride home was complete nonsense. At several points we were singing Trololololo, listening to Les Miserables, trolling other cars, talking about wrestling, determining what premiere team I should get into because I don't have one right now, #HateErie and a slew of other things That are probably NSWF. All in all it was a great day, a win would have made it a little bit better, but it was great none the less. I'm confident with the full roster on the field this sunday at All-High, FC Buffalo will be able to one up AFC Cleveland in a rematch. See you on the sideline #VestVestVest

Webs of Iroquois – A morning shoot at Iroquois Wildlife Refuge

For me, Iroquois Wildlife Refuge is like a church. It's the place I go to find solace, become one with my thoughts, and try to hone specific photography skills. Iroquoise is a place where I can just escape from everything and be completely okay with it. Most of Iroquois is a deadzone or Edge, so my iPhone is pretty useless and I couldn't have it any other way. Continue reading "Webs of Iroquois – A morning shoot at Iroquois Wildlife Refuge"

FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Thanks for that forearm.”

 As we wrap the weeklong coverage of FC Buffalo's delightfully friendly relationship the Erie Admirals we end it with this image. I've posted a lot of photos from the FC Buffalo archive of players jumping for a header. I've probably posted too many, but I find the action element in them interesting. As we've seen in the imagery this week, FC Buffalo has had some physical battles with Erie. The physicality of these matches, however, was never blatant agression from one team onto another. This image of an Erie Admiral shoving his forearm to the back of an FC Buffalo  players head was one example of blatant aggression during gameplay. Continue reading "FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Thanks for that forearm.”"

Portrait Session: Gina Maramag, Community Marketer

In December I sent out a tweet asking if anyone wanted to do a portrait session together as a way for someone to get a new portrait, for me to test some new equipment, and get to know one of my followers. A couple days went by without a response so I figured I would by testing out new gear on the family dog again, and then I received a message from Gina Maramag asking if the offer still stood. After some wrangling of our busy holiday season schedules we finally had a chance to meet up at my old studio at the Wurlitzer Building. I hadn't met Gina prior to our portrait session. I believe she started following me on twitter after one of my nonsensical tweets was retweeted by someone. The only thing I knew about Gina prior to our portrait session was that she worked in design and marketing in Buffalo, I didn't know for who nor did I inquire in our pre-shoot correspondance because then all my chit-chat topics would be thrown out the window. As we were corresponding before the portrait session I asked her to bring a favorite object, or something that defined her to the session. With this particular series of portait sessions I'm doing I ask the subject to bring in an object that they're associated with or have a passion for. I've begun doing sessions with a lot of people from twitter and one of the aspects of twitter that stands out is how people are associated with certain jobs or hobbies. In other sessions the people I've shot brought in knives, cats, snowboards, wacom tablets and so on. Gina never told me what she was bringing in for our portrait session. Little did I know that her defining object would be taller than she was... Gina collects wisks. Not only does Gina collect wisks, but she has a wisk that's about as tall as she is. When I went down to the parking lot of the studio to meet her, to say I was surprised she was holding a four foot (and change) wisk was  an understatement. With that, the photographer in me was super siked that I get to photograph a life sized wisk for a portrait session. Without revealing all the deepest, darkest secrets Gina revealed to me in her acquisition of this wisk I can reveal that no one was injured in the acquiring of it. Giant wisks aside, my portrait session was a great experience. Gina opened up and discussed what it was like to work for Hospice of Buffalo from a marketing point of view. Prior to my portrait session with Gina my view of Hospice was probably similar to a lot of other peoples view. I never really took into consideration the amount of branding and hard work is required for a company like Hospice. For me, and my experience in life, Hospice was always associated with the sadness of a loved ones final days. After my portrait session with Gina my outlook on the organization lightened up a little bit and I've grown to have admiration and respect for how hard they work on marketing this important organization. I invite readers to check out the Hospice website and see for yourself. The portrait session with Gina went great. She's a great personality to know, and very fun to have a conversation with. Give her a follow on twitter, especially if you like tweets about handling clients in the design and marketing world. UNT, Nb  

Portrait Session: Nicole Schuman & Schushine Communications

Nicole Schuman is a content curator and social media guru in Buffalo, NY. I first met her through her twitter handle, @buffalogal and met her in person at Social Media Day last June. She confused me with local twitter icon The Amherst Bear, which for some reason happens all the time to me. At any rate Nicole is extraordinary example if a young Buffalo entrepreneur simply looking to leave her mark in a city that is redefining itself. On a whole, Buffalo is a very old city. We still get our news from the daily news paper or nearest watering hole. We collectively sit around and discuss "the way things were" and stonewall progress entrepreneurs want to make. Continue reading "Portrait Session: Nicole Schuman & Schushine Communications"

FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – Exit Stage Left

 As we continue to explore the rivalry between FC Buffalo and the Erie Admirals it's time to tell the story on how one of FC Buffalo's owners was ejected from the game. FC Buffalo's ownership is really interesting and inspiring group of guys who not only love bringing soccer to Buffalo but also have an undeniable passion for our city. This group of guys are not simply owners who sit around and let other people do all the work. These guys are running the PA, selling merch, selling concessions, running after loose balls and a dozen other jobs that you won't be seeing Ralph Wilson ever do (even in his prime). Continue reading "FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – Exit Stage Left"

FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Two Guys…One Ball”

We continue to explore the very loving relationship between FC Buffalo and the Erie Admirals from the 2011 NPSL season. If you've been following the posts for the last couple day's you'll know the reoccuring theme that these two teams and fans generally don't like each other. If you're just reading about this rivalry you should check out my other posts, but in a nutshell The Situation Room and FC Buffalo fans as a whole dislike Erie. Continue reading "FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Two Guys…One Ball”"

FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Please…Run me over.”

 There's nothing like a good collision at an FC Buffalo match to get you pumped for the season opening. We explore the Erie Admirals vs. FC Buffalo archives again to bring you this image of an Erie Admiral "accidentally" colliding into one of our very own FC Buffalo Blitzers. Yes there's nothing like a knee to the groin to keep things interesting on the field at All High Stadium. Continue reading "FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Please…Run me over.”"

FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Ninja Block”

I think all fans in The Situation Room will regard the Erie Admirals as FC Buffalo's biggest rival in the NPSL Matches between FC Buffalo and Erie are always physical, competitive and entertaining and usually tainted with poor officiating. As I mentioned in a couple of my Lord Bedlington Cup posts, being on the sideline during FC Buffalo games is very interesting because you hear everything being said on the field. Continue reading "FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Ninja Block”"